Watercolor Renderer

Aaron Elkins
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Watercolor renderer

What's Watercolor Renderer, as its name implies, this is a real-time watercolor renderer, which let artist direct how to watercolor style should be.

How artist control the watercolor style

Artist can control how the watercolor style in two types: Global configs and local vertex painting.

Global configs

With global configs, artist can setup how the whole scene should look like by configure the canvas type, canvas roughness, pigment density, etc.

Local vertex painting

To simulate how watercolor works, we provide 5 types of vertex painting which smimulates different characteristic of watercolor.

They are Pigment Turbulence, Pigment Granulate, Color Bleeding, Edge Darkening, Substrate Distortion.

While global config affect the whole scene, local vertex painting only affect perticular mesh and its vertex. So that you can make some micro control on how the watercolor style you like it to be.

Blender 4.0

I am working on the migration from bgl (which will be removed in a future Blender release) module to gpu module, and make it work for Blender 4.0.


What's in the package

  • The addon as a zip file
  • Some demo scenes as blend files


  • Render To Image not work on macOS, but Save Preview to Image works.

Change logs


  • New feature: Add a button to save viewport preview as image in Blender


  • Fixed shader function error for GPU RTX 3060


  • Fixed render to image not work on Windows 10


  • Initial release

Contact me

Reach to me by email, if you have any questions threcius@yahoo.com


Q: Why does the addon not loaded on macOS with Blender 3.5?

Because this add-on needs OpenGL to compile shaders, so if you are using a Metal GPU back end, it will failed to load. So just switch the GPU back end from Metal to OpenGL should fix the issue in Blender.

Q: Why I got an error while click Render to Image the first time on Windows?

If you got this error on Windows, please run Blender as administrator once to install the pyglet independence.


Command '['C:\\Program Files\\Blender Foundation\\Blender 3.x\\3.x\\python\\bin\\python.exe', '-m', 'pip', 'install', 'pyglet']' returned non-zero exit status 1.

I want this!

You will the addon and some demo scenes as blend files


Watercolor Renderer

0 ratings
I want this!